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AL-Mashun Grand Mosque was buil on August 12, was inaugurated after Friday’s Prayer on September 10,1909 by sultan makmum Al-Rrasyid.The mosque itself was the moral support of sultan toward people’s religious conducts in Medan.
It was beautifully designed by two architects,Dingemans and a Dutch Zein captain, T.H.Van Earp,resembling unique style of Maroko has been one of the landmark of Medan City and beautiful architectures in Indonesia.
Orang Utan Bukit Lawang was establish in is 85 kms away from Medan to Bukit Lawang.
International Wild-Life protection foundation (wwf).This organization being tamed by human and they are returned to its real habitat.
Leuser Nationalpork of sumatera province it is know as the habitats of rare sumatera tiger,elephants,rhihoceros as well as Raflesia Amoldi. 
Bukit Lawang is located along the clean Bahorok is exactly in Leuser National Park,This place commonly becomes fist destination of international tourist who love nature adventures,it is very accessible either from Medan or Berastagi.The availability of cheap and comfortable inns as well as local people’s hospitality will surely make your nature adventures ( natural forest ) heart-beating and is 85 kms away from Medan.
If you lake more information about bukitlawang orangutan,north sumatera.
Sipiso-Piso Waterfall is an amazing waterfall located in Tongging.
It is 35 kms away from kabanjaahe,The capital city of  karo Regency.The waterfall runs out from the steep ravine-wall,120 meters high,The water runs to the river,flowing to Lake Toba.The scenery of Tao Silalahi island in the Northern part of lake Toba is so captivating and enjoyable from this localtion.
 Berastagi is located in the chilly mountainous area,1300 meters above sea is 66 kms away from Medan or it takes 1,5 hour used to be a health-resort in colonial time.Now,it has turned out to be a comfortable recreational areal.This areal is surrounded by two active volcanoes,e.g.Sibayak (2.172 m) and Sinabung (2,417 m).Those two active volcanoes made this areal fertile to cultivate for the local farmers.The availability of fruit-market,offering interesting sensations for visitors to shop fresh vegetables,There is also sulfur hot-spring which is located in Debuk-Debuk village (mountain spirit),with swimming-pools and inns for public.

 Covering the area of 1.265 square kilometers,Lake Toba is the larget one in south Easth Asia and the highest Lake Toba in the worl.the lake confines 90 kms long island ; the Somosir island,Lake Toba is located in the middleof  North Sumatera Province with cool climate and astonishing panoramic view.
For years this lake has attracted tourist anddeveloped to be a highland recreation resort with comfortable image and impressive tradition touchof Batak Toba.Parapat is the most beautiful mountion and Lake Resort in North Sumatera,176 kms from Medan and lies on the very shore of emerald green in the middle of the beautiful Lake Toba lies Samosir Island which is easily reached within half an hour trip on a verry from Parapat,the main tourist destination of North Sumatera Province.The  Samosir island is the original place of the  Batak Toba tribe.Many historical sites are found in this island as well as home made clothes,especially the Ulos,the traditional woven cloth of Batak tribe,Tuktuk is has become an international tourist village in Samosir island.Almost all tour agendas end up in Tuktuk the most lively village having complete facilites yet still its quiet and peaceful atmosphere.
 The dance of sigale-gale doll is demonstrated in Simandio.These dolls are moved by using strings and rotating ehells through complicated mechanism,The creation of the dolls is intendee as the opportunity of the dead who did not have any kids so that he could be danced by his kids (sigale-gale doll) during his death ceremony.
King sidabutar and his royal family,aged more then 200 years old,located in Tomok is exactly under the shady of Harara tree,Small shop around the village,
Offering high-valued handicraft souvenirs,traditional woven cloth of Batak Toba,etc.Another megalith heritages are available in Marga Sialagan village,such as megalith chairs and tables,it used to be a place for the king to impose death-sentence to the criminals.

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