Dance Tor-tor Batak Toba

Tortor is a ceremonial dance presented with gondang music. Physically the tortor is a dance, but the more meaning of its movements indicates the tortor is a medium of communication, where through the movement presented the interaction occurs between the participants of the ceremony.
 Tortor and gondang music are like coins that can not be separated. Before the event was opened first host (Hasuhutan) perform a special event called Tua ni Gondang, so the blessing of gondang sabangunan.
In the execution of the dance, one of the takuhutan (who has the intention of asking requests to the gondang drummer with polite and polite words as follows: "Amang pardoal pargonci":

"Alualuhon ma jolo tu ompungta Debata Mulajadi Nabolon, na Jumadihon nasa na adong, na jumadihon manisia dohot sude fill ni portibion."
"Alualuhon ma muse tu sumangot ni ompungta sijolojolo tubu, sumangot ni ompungta paisada, ompungta paidua, sahat tu papituhon."
'"Alualuhon ma jolo tu sahala ni number amanta raja na liat nalolo."
Each completed one request is always punctuated with a gondang punch with a certain rhythm within a few moments. After the request / appeal is well executed the ranks of the ready-made suhut family (dancing) arranges the composition of the establishment to start dancing.
As for the type of demand for the type of song that will be sounded is like: Application to God and the ro-spirit of ancestors so that the family of suhut held the event given the safety of prosperity, happiness, and abundant fortune, and ceremonies that will be held a source of blessing for suhut and the whole family, as well as the invitees.

Every tortor dancer should wear ulos and use musical instruments / gondang (Uninguningan).

There are many taboos that are not allowed when the manoror, such as the dancer's hand should not cross the shoulders to the top, if it does mean that the dancer is ready to challenge anyone in the field of shamanism, or martial arts, and others.

Tortor dance is used as a means of delivering the inner good to the ancestral spirits and also to the respected people (the guests) and delivered in the form of dance showing respect.




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